HOME & OFFICE Observatory

This is an Observatory aimed at the development and sustainability of the business fabric of Fileira Home & Office in the North and Central Portugal. This focuses on fostering knowledge and reflection around the trends and applications of technology, creativity and innovation in the Row.

Home & Office Observatory is based on 3 axes:

  • The dissemination of just in time information about the events and news of Filipe
  • The creation of information and knowledge of and for the companies and institutions of the Row
  • Free and universal access to all content

All & Whole Row Home & Office

Find in the Observatory everything that matters and all the critical information and knowledge about and for the Home & Office Fileria:

Row News

News sharing on the line (events, projects, investments, supports and achievements)


State of the art repository of periodic and diagnostic qualification, innovation and potential studies, competitive benchmaking and success stories

Performance indicators

Access to indicators and economic and temporal performance information of the sectors of the sector


Highligts about the reality that makes a difference in the Row. Don't look, find what you need to know

Get real-time insight into the changing reality of businesses and Row Home & Office. Prepare your success, innovation and competitiveness. Know and act first.

Qualify & Compete Project

This Observatory is part of the project promoted by AEA - Águeda Business Association in cooperation with AECOA - Oliveira de Azeméis Business Association, called “Qualifica & Compete - Qualification for the Competitiveness of the Home & Office Industry”, within the scope Portugal 2020 and specifically the Collective Action Support System (SIAC) - Qualification, and inserted in thematic objective 3 - “Strengthening SME Competitiveness” of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program, supported by the European Fund for Regional Development ( ERDF).

The 'Qualifica & Compete - Home & Office Industry Competitiveness Qualification' project aims at the smart specialization and qualification (technologies, new materials, quality processes, certification and innovation) of the 'Home & Office' row in the North and Center regions, focusing on the priorities of the future defined by the external demand decision-making centers (European

The strategic objective of this project is to ensure a smart specialization of technological, productive systems and regional economies in the Home & Office sector, focusing on the prospective identification of the 5-year industry's capitation and qualification needs, based on Comparison between the critical success factors in terms of current technologies, materials, products, quality processes and innovation of the national 'Home & Office' industry and the priorities set by 5-year external demand at this level.

This project will provide industrial and service companies with the means and instruments that will enable them to achieve greater productivity and efficiency in creating added value in the goods and services produced, acquiring competitive advantages to operate in an international competitive landscape.